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Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop data recovery -Recover data from laptop hard drives

If you laptop stopped working after suddenly freezing and is no longer booting up or does not turn on at all, it most probably means your laptop hard disk has failed and you need data recovery. Data Recovery London engineers can help you retrieve your data from a dead laptop or a dead laptop hard disk. We have been in the business of data recovery since 2001. Most laptop computers use 2.5″ hard disks with a SATA interface. Ultra-portable laptops may use 1.8″ hard disks or 2.5″ SSD hard disks with a ZIFF or SATA interface. These hard drives are more delicate to handle and need special miniature tools and a lot of experience to initiate a successful data recovery. Data Recovery London technicians are well-equipped and have vast experience to handle these types of hard drives and can make sure that you get all your data back and they can be used as usual. Just call 0207 516 1077.

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