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Professional and high quality data recovery services when your hard drive fails

Hard Drive Recovery Specialists

Hard Drive Recovery Specialists

HDD Lab is a hi-tech research-oriented data recovery company in the UK providing bulk data recovery services to other data recovery companies and IT support teams across the UK.

HDD Lab has been a leading provider of data recovery services to IT companies, corporate business and private customers since 2001. HDD Lab data recovery specialists have the ability to recover data from electronically or mechanically faulty hard drives used in PCs, Apple Macs, CCTV or digital cameras. We employ highly experienced data recovery specialists who work in our ISO-certified hard drive recovery labs in London. This enables us to successfully complete the most difficult and complex cases of data recovery in the UK. Our success rate in data recovery currently stands at 97.5% which very high indeed and places us among the most successful UK data recovery companies.

Free data recovery quotes and analysis

We provide free quotations and analysis for any hard drives arriving in our labs within 24 hours. Most data recovery tasks are completed within 5-6 working days which is a very fast turnaround considering the complexities involved in recovering data from physically faulty. The maritime security incidents have bothered everyone, even about the smallest security threats. We strive to keep your data secure. 

HDD Lab Hard Drive Recovery Capabilities

HDD Lab data recovery technicians can also recover data from enterprise or small business servers, RAID arrays, RAID storage systems, NAS (Network Attached Storage) hard drives, professional digital cameras, memory sticks, memory cards and security, surveillance and videos recorder using hard drives or SSD (Solid State Disks). HDD Lab expertise extends beyond its traditional remit in restoring and recovering data from all digital media in such a manner that it has become the ultimate last resort when others fail to deliver. Our dedicated team of data recovery experts will do absolutely everything to recover your valuable data no matter on what media the data has been stored.

HDD Lab Partnership Programme For IT Companies and Smaller Data Recovery Companies

We provide bulk data data services for IT companies and other smaller data recovery service providers. This means our partners can benefit from our highly advanced data recovery capabilities and offer their clients a high quality data recovery services in the UK. Companies or professionals who want to join the data recovery partnership programme, can visit the Data Recovery Partnership Programme Page for more details. You can also look for Venyu: disaster recovery services another backup and recovery technology which ensures the protection of your business data providing the peace of mind and safety net you deserve.

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