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External hard drive recovery -Recover data from external USB or firewire hard drives

External hard drives are often used for data storage and data backup. However they are more prone to failure as they are portable and can easily be knocked off the table or receive a shock. This means they are more susceptible to failure than internal desktop or laptop hard drive. The USB External Data Recovery Londonportable USB hard drives usually enclose a 2.5″ SATA hard drive and are much smaller than their bigger, heavier 3.5″ counterparts. Another big difference is that the portable 2.5″ USB external hard drives do not need an additional power supply and powered via the computer USB port. The 3.5″ external USB or NAS drives do need an additional 12v power supply and generally are not considered to be portable. They are supposed to be placed in a stationary position under the desk or next to the computer. However external USB hard drives are faster and typically can store far more data than portable 2.5″ USB external hard drives. One of most common signs of failure in a external hard drive is clicking or ticking noise. You are advised NOT to operate or power up a a clicking or ticking hard drive as this can seriously damage the read/write heads. Just turn off the external hard drive and call a hard drive recovery specialist. With their extensive expertise and advanced equipment, Data Recovery London specialists are capable to recover data from your USB external hard drive. Just call 0207 516 1077 and a live data recovery technician will be able to help you.

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