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Desktop data recovery -Recover data from desktop PC hard drives

Desktop PC Data Recovery LondonDesktop computers may behave in the same way as laptops. The only difference is that desktop PCs use a 3.5″ platter size which is bigger and the motor speed or data read speed may be much faster compared to laptop 2.5″ hard drives. When your PC fails to boot up after freezing or asks you to insert a boot disk for start up, you should know that you hard disk may have failed and your data might have been lost. Some computers may become extremely slow and it may take ages to load up an application like Word or Excel. This is because the hard drive has developed many bad sectors and as a result, the operating system attempts to access the unreadable areas of the disks. The multiple disk reads and failed attempts to read the disk keeps the CPU busy and causes the system to hang or become extremely sluggish. The desktop hard drive ma even start making a clicking or ticking noise which really bad. In such circumstances, you must act fast. Turn the computer off and consult a data recovery specialist. Data Recovery London professionals with many years of experience are well placed to help you in such circumstances to recover your data. Any DIY data recovery or repeated re-starting of the PC may damage the hard disk and the situation can rapidly deteriorate. Just call 0207 516 1077.

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