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Data Recovery LondonData Recovery Services For London Corporate and Private Customers

If you have lost data and are looking for a data recovery specialist, you have come to the right place.

Data Recovery London Specialists Recover Data from IDE, USB, SATA, NAS, SSD, SCSI or RAID Hard Drives

HDD Lab is a leading provider of bulk data recovery services to IT companies and other hard drive recovery service providers across the UK. HDD Lab has advanced data recovery lab facilities in London and employs highly experienced data recovery technicians capable of dealing with the most challenging and highly complex cases of recovering data from damaged internal or external computer hard drives, SSDs, RAID arrays, memory cards, USB memory sticks, digital cameras, CCTV and video recording devices. HDD Lab has an excellent track record in data recovery and has consistently achieved 97.5% data recovery success and is trusted by corporate and private clients across the UK and Europe. Established since 2001 in London, UK.

We recover data from all media types such as memory sticks, external USB hard drives, Apple Mac computers, hard drives built into video cameras, CCTVs and video recorders. We are an experienced and well-equipped data recovery company providing high quality and affordable solutions for all corporate and private customers and were established in 2001. Data Recovery London employs some of the best data recovery technicians who are highly skilled and well-trained. Our data recovery lab has ISO-certified clean room facilities used for advance data recovery.

Data Recovery Services

You do NOT pay a penny if we are unable to recover your data

We are so confident in our ability to recover data from faulty computer hard drives that we can offer you a no-data, no-fee guarantee. We have consistently achieved 97% success rate in all our data recovery tasks. Data Recovery London technicians have managed to recover data from some of the most damaged hard drives. In some cases, we are able to recover data from hard disks which have been declared irrecoverable by other data recovery companies. Many companies are now implementing cloud database services to reduce the loss of important data; visit for more information.

HDD Lab provides data recovery services in all UK cities and regions. If you have lost data and you want to consult a data recovery technician, call 0203 633 2081 and get FREE consultation and have your faulty hard disk collected for data recovery.

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